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I played this game back when it was first released and I have to admit that I still feel the horror the story when I stumbled upon this again. In short: I love it.

The story is ominous and well-written in a  way that a good thriller managed to keep me seated and wonder about what's going to happen next, while still keeping me invested in the intrigue of the story. The thematic art adds more to the horror and mystery of the game. The music seriously fits the whole story and it gives me goosebumps. 

And God. The choices. It was tough, but reasonable choices. 

All in all, I really love this game after all these years. Still creeps me out, but in a good way.

I love it! Will there be a sequel?

Such a well thought out, grim VN where all of my choices felt like they had weight and consequences. 

The interface, the character designs, and the music really bring the grim of the story, and I like how it indirectly telling the struggle of person with psychical disability (and maybe also unstable mental condition ?)

Although short, the resolution/the ending had enough elucidation and open up to player's imagination upon all of her choices and the consequences...... and I can't help assuming that other people with missing limbs or parts of their body (especially Tim and Mark) has been facing similar fate and also the victim of Orin (or it also can be interpretated as she finally accepts, realizes and symphatize with her surrounding) :')

Nice stuff, pretty spooky visuals. Neat story too.

this game was pretty unsettling with its graphics, awesome music, and overall concept, but the story was SO involved!  i loved every second and i felt so screwed up for it.  when i tried to tell a friend about how great it was or asked for advice on certain choices, they were shocked and horrified that a game with such a dark concept could keep me intrigued like that--so bravo!

What a chilling and intense game! It was so hard to make a choice between losing an ear or an eye and all that. I replayed all the different endings and it was really cool too see how the story went :)

Loved the game. The suspense! It felt like a unique experience.

I talk about the game more in my blog:

nice game

Here is the second ep of my gameplay :

Ei man loved your game and gonna do a smal gameplay oif it..nice game

check my gameplay here.

Wonderful game! Always love browsing through jams to find gems like this one. Keep up the good work and good luck with any other projects you work on down the line!

Ended way too abruptly (understandable for a game jam project), but what a great concept and presentation! I'd love to see an expanded version.

Congrats on your placement in the Asylum Jam 2016! I enjoyed this story. Very good execution of music to build up the tension. I like the simplicity in the art and the use of colors. Found it effective and polished looking.

Looking forward to future games!